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Security Paper Overview

Requirements Each of our security prescription paper items meets - and exceeds - the requirements set by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).              are being mandated in many federal, state and local municipalities. Because of this new demand, businesses, hospitals, education systems and financial institutions are requiring security paper for their organizations.

Multi Purposes Ideal for Medical Prescriptions,  Price Lists, Personal records, Transcripts, Grade Reports, Manuals, HR Documents, Financial, insurance & Legal Documents.

Fraud is growing at an alarming rate.  Our Security and Medical Papers deliver a higher level of protection and enable you to provide extra value to you and your customers.  By adding these security features into the paper, it creates a deterrent that most criminals would want to avoid.

Prescription paper As of October 1 , 2008 the new prescription rules are in effect which requires tamper-proof prescription pads / paper and must contain at least three security features.  

Medical & Multi-Purpose  Security Papers
Document fraud is growing at an alarming rate and every business is vulnerable. Today’s technology has made document alteration and duplication easy for criminals. Hidden pantographs on security paper will appear most of the time when duplicated, but cannot be guaranteed to appear all the time, especially when used with different equipment. A document with several security features is much more difficult to duplicate using a copier, scanner or camera. DocuGard Medical and Multi-Purpose security paper, with up to 10 security features per sheet, ensures maximum protection against fraud.