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Multi-purpose Security Paper - Item # 04560

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Basketweave Design Security Paper - NEW!
Available in Multiple Colors! 

1 Sided  |  Size: 8-1/2" X 11" |  Weight: 24#
Packaging: 5 reams of 500 sheets/ream  |  2500 sheets/case

 Reduce the risk of fraud and protect personal information
 Used for letterhead, price lists, personal records, transcrips, grade reports, 
    manuals, HR documents, financial, insurance, & legal documents
 Pantographs are easily distinguishable across the entire sheet


Item # 04560 Security Features

Number of Security Features: 5


Colored background is erasure resistant


“VOID” pantograph


Chemical-reactive paper shows alterations




Toner Grip coating on both sides of paper


Printed watermarks on back of sheet


Security Features Listing on sheet


Coin-reactive ink on watermark


Invisible fibers embedded in paper


Microtext (Contains DocuGard name)


Heat-Sensitive thermochromatic ink


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